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Aging skin presents a number of challenges. Most people in their 40s and later have discovered that they don't like something about their appearance and are eager to change it. Usually, what they don't like has something to do with the skin on their faces and necks. Thankfully, there are several procedures that can make your skin look more youthful and beautiful again.

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Hyaluronic Acid

This is a natural acid typically found in your skin and in fruit. As you age, it decreases, causing your skin to lose collagen, the component that gives your skin its bounce-back elasticity and soft, smooth appearance. As a result of a lack of collagen and hyaluronic acid, your facial skin sags and becomes wrinkled.

When hyaluronic acid is applied or injected into your skin, it replaces what your skin lacks. It traps moisture and restores collagen supply. The result is glowing, dewy-fresh skin that has fewer wrinkles. It is perfect for people who are just starting to see some wrinkles and/or sagging and want a younger-looking face restored.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Your body's own plasma contains cell resequencing and rejuvenation DNA. It's the part of your blood that helps renew all kinds of cells in your body. However, its effects are often diluted by the other blood components.

To use PRP as a means of rejuvenating skin, growing more hair, erasing stretch marks and wrinkles, etc., a nurse or doctor has to remove some of your blood. Then, the blood is sent through a blood separation machine and through a centrifuge to extract just the platelets. The platelets are then reintroduced and injected or sent by IV into the areas of your body you most want to alter with PRP. The entire process, from blood extraction to platelet injection, is all done in our spa.

Vivace RF (Microneedling and Radio Frequency Pulse Treatments)

The Vivace machine is a modern miracle. It combines RF with microneedling. Whereas the two used to be separate procedures, the Vivace machine is an all-in-one. As its tiny needles pierce your skin in and around wrinkles on the face and neck, collagen production is stimulated to address the presence of the needles. The needles also act as the delivery mechanism for the RF waves, causing the underlying muscle tissue to tighten and lift.

Stimulating both muscle tissue and collagen production at the same time triggers the wonderful effect of a lifted, taut, and smooth face and neck without major invasive surgery. As an added benefit, you don't even feel the tiny needles as they gently poke your skin. The procedure and the machine can also be used on stretch marks with incredible results too. Mothers not intending to have any more children can get their pre-baby abdomens back by reducing and even eliminating most stretch marks with this procedure.

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