5 Things You Feel After Getting a Facial Treatment

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Facial treatment is a great way to pamper yourself and improve your looks. You should get a facial when you want an extra boost of rejuvenation. 

Your skin will shine for days after the treatment, and you will feel new about yourself! Mirror Mirror Med Spa offers facials and other aesthetic treatments like injectables to make you feel refreshed. 

In this post, we’ll tell you secrets about facials and how it certainly feels to have one! Check it all out here. 

5 Things You’ll Be Grateful for Having a Facial

Here are the best experiences you can get from having a facial. We tell you, it’s not only about the benefits! It’s about the happiness you’ll enjoy after the treatment. 

Cleanses Your Face

A good facial will clean your face well, which you can’t do at home. Think about it like this: you have all the medicines you need at home but still need to see your doctor once a year. 

Every aesthetician and facialist knows what kind of skin you have and what to do to keep it healthy. They use steam to open up your pores and thoroughly clean your skin. So, right after the treatment, you’ll feel new and refreshed!


A facial is not only suitable for your face but also your mind. Facials give you a chance to relax and focus on your breathing. They also help you feel good about having healthy, beautiful skin again.


By making your face’s blood flow better, the rate of cell turnover helps slow down the aging process. Getting a facial massage once a month boosts collagen production, and you’ll feel that the muscles in your face are stronger! This reduces fine lines and wrinkles and makes your skin softer and smoother.


Every so often, your skin needs to eliminate the waste that builds up on it. And if this needs to be done right, it can lead to pimples. That’s why you need a skin detox. 

In addition to washing and cleaning your face daily, you must get facials to clean it. As we say, you’ll feel fresh and healthy! Besides, most therapists use antioxidant-rich creams, sea salt, herbal extracts, and oils for the best experience. 

It makes Your Skin Tighter.

As you get older, your body makes less collagen, which makes your skin less flexible. During facial treatments, professionals use chemical peels, face packs, masks, lotions, and creams with botanical extracts that boost collagen production and reduce the signs of aging.

Are Facials Better Than Caring for Your Skin?

Facials won’t replace the products you use on your skin. Instead, the treatments give your skin the professional help it needs to be as healthy as possible. 

Even the best skin care can’t eliminate all the dead skin cells, oils, dirt, and other things on your skin’s surface that can quickly get into your pores. You should use high-quality skin care products should be used along with facials.

How Do Facials Improve the Health of The Skin?

Your pores can get clogged with bacteria and lead to blemishes and acne if your skin isn’t clean. It also needs vital nutrients and the right amount of moisture to fight off the effects of pollution and UV rays, which can be harmful. Our medical aestheticians know how to spot signs of skin problems and what to do to improve skin health.

Skin Treatments and Facials

Mirror Mirror Medical Aesthetics & Wellness has facials for every skin type and cosmetic concern, such as anti-aging, acne, and dull, dry skin. So if you want to stay young and avoid adult acne, catch these treatments today! 

BioTight Facials

Our BioTight facials have the same benefits as chemical peels, but you don’t have to worry about hurting your skin. Hydrogen peroxide and trichloroacetic acid are both in the mask. 

They work to wake up your skin and get rid of dead skin cells on the surface. Your skin will feel smooth and soft after the treatment and have a healthy glow. For the best results, you may need to do treatments once a week for up to a month.

Celluma LED Facials

LED light has been shown to improve skin health by promoting the growth of new cells, which helps fix problems like fine lines, wrinkles, and acne. The light makes your skin more balanced, allowing it to heal independently. 

During the treatment, you can sit back and relax. Your skin may feel a little warm. The treatment takes less than an hour, and there are no side effects or downtime afterward.

Dermaplane + Celluma LED Facials

Combine the benefits of LED light for making new cells with the help of dermaplaning for cleaning. Our dermaplane and Celluma LED facials remove dead skin cells, oils, dirt, and peach fuzz (vellus hair) from the surface of your skin, and the LED light makes new cells grow. After your treatment, your skin should glow and gradually get tighter over the next few weeks.

Dermaplane Express Facials

Do you have a little time for your beauty treatments? Our dermaplane express facials take little time but give excellent results. 

Our dermaplane express facials are a great way to improve the texture and look of your skin by getting rid of dirt, oil, dead skin cells on the surface, and soft peach fuzz.

DiamondGlow™ + Celluma LED

DiamondGlowTM is a microdermabrasion treatment that makes the skin’s surface smoother so that younger cells can show through. When you combine the treatment with our Celluma LED to tighten the skin, you can quickly look healthy and young. 

As part of a skincare routine for both men and women, our medical aestheticians recommend getting a DiamondGlowTM + Celluma LED facial every two months.

Facials For Your Best Skincare Today!

Facials aren’t just random ways to take care of your skin. Facials have a lot of good things about them, so they offer a lot more. They not only keep your skin moist and healthy.

But they also help you relax from your busy life. They are a blissful hour. So, if you have been putting off getting a facial, check out the benefits and make an appointment today. Call us at 520-689-6809 to set up a meeting with one of our medical aestheticians.

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