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Comprehensive medical wellness care in an environment that integrates high-quality spa services with traditional, alternative, and cosmetic medical treatments and therapies. All designed to get you to your best version of yourself!




EmSella utilizes high-intensity, focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) to relieve pain and restore neuromuscular control in the pelvic floor muscles. A non-invasive treatment for men and women and is proven 94% effective in improving sexual health, urgency, incontinence & ED.





Channels plasma thermal energy through controlled pulses that quickly heat skin tissue. This promotes vaginal rejuvenation, tightening & toning, and improving circulation and pigmentation.

Hormone Therapy

What is Bio-identical Hormone Therapy?

Many health benefits have been attributed to balanced and optimized hormone levels. Regulating your hormone levels may correlate to stronger bones and muscles, better sleep, fat loss, improved cognition, relief of anxiety and depression, and enhanced libido and sexual wellness. At Mirror Mirror, we use bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (also known as BHRT) to optimize your individual hormone levels to improve your overall wellness. We will have you meet with our functional medicine physician to discuss your health concerns, perform a health assessment, and order an extensive set of labs. Lab work will be followed up with a comprehensive evaluation, where you’ll work together with your physician to determine if hormone therapy replacement is right for you.

Why Choose Hormone Replacement Therapy?

As you age, the amount of hormones your body produces begins to decline. This decline in hormones can put you at risk for weak muscles and bones, fractures (broken bones), cardiovascular disease, and memory loss.

Balancing your hormones has shown many positive health benefits, including heart protection, increased energy, improved sleep, relief of anxiety and depression, help in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and body fat percentage, improved memory and cognition, and enhanced libido.

In conjunction with a proper diet and exercise, hormone therapy can be an effective solution to help you look and feel your best.



Consultation | $275

Monthly program | $125

TRT therapy for males boosts low testosterone levels to promote a healthy sexual drive, libido, muscle mass, and bone density. Known to improve mood and reduce body fat. The monthly program includes testosterone and B12 injections monitored by RN. Lab work is required every 3-6 months.


Consultation | $275

Balance hormone levels to improve symptoms of weight gain, mood swings, memory loss, fatigue, libido, and menopause. Treatment plans are monitored by NP, who may advise HRT Pellets, compounded creams, supplements, or prescriptions at additional cost to patients. Lab work is required every 3-6 months.

Couple Getting IV Therapy in Mirror Mirror Aesthetics and Wellness in Tucson AZ

IV Therapy & Vitamin Injections

Administering high concentrations of minerals/vitamins directly into the bloodstream to get you feeling better, FASTER!


Intravenous nutrient therapy can be customized to meet personal needs with additional supplements or vitamins. Packages are available at special pricing.


$20 - $75

Available in discounted packages of 4 or 8 for take-home administration. Can be added to supplement IV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an aesthetic consultation involve at your clinic?

Our consultations involve discussing skincare goals, assessing skin conditions using 3D VISIA SKIN ANALYSIS, and recommending suitable treatments.

What is the AquaFirme with DE | Rive Restorative Exosomes treatment?

AquaFirme with DE | Rive Restorative Exosomes is a treatment using ultrasound and plant-based exosomes to nourish the scalp, activate hair follicles, and improve hair density.

How does EmSella work, and what issues does it address?

EmSella uses electromagnetic technology to restore pelvic floor muscles control, improving sexual health, incontinence, and ED.

What is Feminine Rejuvenation?

It’s a treatment that uses plasma thermal energy for vaginal rejuvenation, promoting tightening, toning, and improved circulation.

Why should I consider Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone Replacement Therapy balances hormones to offer benefits like heart protection, increased energy, improved sleep, weight management, and enhanced libido.

What does Testosterone Therapy involve?

TRT boosts testosterone levels to improve sexual drive, muscle mass, and mood and reduce body fat. The treatment includes injections and regular lab work.

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