Teen & Adult Acne

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Teen & Adult Acne

Acne is difficult enough as a teenager. It’s worse if you are still trying to deal with it as an adult. Hormonal changes mid-life can cause acne to resurface, just as it did when you had hormone surges in your teens. There are treatments to help eliminate acne for good, and that can remove the scarring that particularly bad acne can cause. Mirror Mirror Medical Aesthetics & Wellness in Tucson, AZ, provides all of the following acne treatments.

Agnes RF and Cellulma LED

Most patients and clients that come into our clinic have never heard of these treatments. The procedures are relatively new in the U.S. but have been used in Korea and other countries for years. The Agnes RF is a machine that uses controlled radiofrequency (RF) needling with pinpoint accuracy to address the infections of acne under the skin and encourage rapid healing. Needling also encourages an increase in collagen production, restoring one’s skin to a more youthful appearance. As such, the Agnes RF provides the double benefit of treating acne and restoring more youthful skin to our older clients.

The Cellulma LED is a machine that operates using two separate components. One component wraps around the head to treat head and face acne. Another component looks like a long blanket and is applied to the desired areas of the body. If used on the face and head, the patient is given protective goggles for the eyes. The equipment delivers a low level of LED light to help treat acne and all other manners of skin conditions. Depending on the severity of acne or other skin conditions, the client is exposed to red or blue wavelengths of light to correct the problem. For the best results, we space treatments out at least two days apart.

Acne Treatment Using IPL and/or Diamond Glow

Both of these acne treatments can be delivered together or independently of each other. The IPL, or intense pulsed light therapy, reverses age spots and skin darkening as a result of sun damage and acne blotching. Light is delivered to your skin with intense pulses for a prescribed period of time.

The Diamond Glow is a dermabrasion machine that erases and smooths the top layer of skin to reveal a healthier layer below. A lot of people start with the Diamond Glow and then finish off with the IPL to remove five to ten years off their face, head, neck, and upper chest. The Diamond Glow can also remove some acne and acne scarring.

VI Peel Purify With Precision Plus Adult Acne

As the name suggests, this is a peel and a purifying product line in one. The product’s two formulas peel away the dead skin that can cause clogged pores and breakouts. It also increases your skin’s ability to turn over cells faster and renew skin cells for better pore openings and healthier skin with far less acne. You do have to use it often and as directed for the best results, but this particular formula is ideal for adult skin.

VI Peel Purify Teen Acne

The teen formula of the peel and purify system focuses on the different skin structures and needs of teen skin. Teens facing heavy breakouts can use this system to stop breakouts and clear up skin problems. Until your teen skin finds balance in adulthood, you may need to use this regularly to manage and maintain clearer skin.

Best Aesthetic Treatments for You

Don’t feel overwhelmed by all the options you have for aesthetic treatments. At Mirror Mirror Medical Aesthetics & Wellness, our medical aestheticians start with a thorough skin examination and discussion about what you want to achieve with your treatments. We’ll put together a plan that includes FDA-approved treatments that will produce amazing results in relatively little time.

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