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VI Peel

If you're looking to make your skin vibrant and youthful, VI peels are an advanced treatment for all ages and skin types. As an award-winning chemical peel, VI peels contain powerful ingredients to reverse UV damage, diminish wrinkles, and improve the texture. There are a variety of VI treatments available for both men and women.

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Advanced VI peels are most ideal for patients with aging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. The synergetic blend of ingredients deeply penetrates multiple layers of the skin to make it appear smoother and softer. Advanced VI peels stimulate the production of collagen and cause rough skin to become smoother after the first treatment. This type of VI peel is safe for all skin types and is a medium-depth peel.

The specialist will communicate what you can expect with the VI peel, which takes an average of 30 minutes to perform and doesn't cause much discomfort or pain. The skin is cleansed before the solution is applied in two different stages. The first application penetrates the cells on the surface of the skin, and the second application reaches the dermis, where dead skin cells and toxins are present. During your consultation, you can learn about how quickly you'll see visible results, which is typically within five to seven days of your treatment. The healing process can vary for each patient.

Precision Plus

VI peels are sub-dermal and cause many layers of the skin to peel, allowing the skin to feel soft and supple. It's also effective in treating pigmentation and melasma to even out the skin tone. It's considered to be a modern take on a traditional chemical peel that numbs the skin and doesn't cause as much discomfort. The treatment is effective in peeling away surface damage and allowing the skin to grow back healthy and more vibrant. It removes rough and callused skin that is present to ensure it transforms the texture and allows the complexion to glow. It's the only type of peel that is safe enough to use under the eyes without leading to skin damage or irritation.

A variety of different ingredients are used in Precision Plus VI peels to address a variety of concerns. It works well for those who have signs of UV and sun damage, which can take years off of the face and fade dark spots. Precision Plus VI peels can be performed as often as every three months or once each year.


The Purify VI Peel is a medium-depth peel designed to treat acne and get to the root of blemish issues and breakouts to prevent them from returning. It's created to increase cellular turnover, which reduces comedones and immediately opens up the pores. This treatment is the best option for those with oily or congested skin. It also works well for patients who are experiencing teen acne or cystic acne of any severity level.

Active Acne is a treatment for those with skin that is prone to breakouts by eliminating bacteria that are present on the face to keep the pores clean. It works well in soothing redness and inflammation and is safe to apply to all skin types.

Purify With Precision Plus

Purify with Precision Plus is the best VI peel for addressing excessive oil issues that can lead to hormonal or adult acne. Teens with hormonal acne can also benefit from this treatment. The treatment actively reduces Propionibacterium acne and comedones. It also immediately clears the pores of dirt and oil that are leading to blackheads for visible results.

Purify with Precision Plus is also effective in reducing scarring hyperpigmentation to create a smoother, clearer complexion. Multiple treatments performed over several months can fade acne scarring and pigmentation while leading to cell regeneration that can make the skin look new again.

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