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Vitamin Injections

We often get vitamins from food or oral supplements, but there’s an even better way: vitamin injections. Fast and effective, vitamin injections improve your health, well-being, and appearance with a powerful, concentrated dose of vitamins. Much like IV Therapy, vitamin boosters undeniably make an effective addition to your regular health and/or beauty regimen.


Available in discounted packages of 4 or 8 for take-home administration. Can be added to supplement IV.

$20 - $75

Vitamin C

Essential antioxidants to maintain immune function, form collagen and support skin and internal organs.

Vitamin D3

Fortify bones, protect against sun damage, and support heart health.


Support bone health, red blood cell formation, energy levels, and mood.

Lipo B12 or MIC

Reduce fatigue, improve memory, speed metabolism & remove toxins.


Improve immune function, insulin sensitivity, repair tissue, and protect the body from free radicals.

Triple Immunity Boost

Powerful triple immunity defense. Vitamin C, Zinc & Glutathione.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are vitamin injections and how are they different from oral supplements?

Vitamin injections are a method of delivering a concentrated dose of vitamins directly into the body. Unlike oral supplements, which have to be digested and may not be fully absorbed, vitamin injections are fast, effective, and ensure 100% absorption for improved health, well-being, and appearance.

What types of vitamin injections do you offer?

We offer a range of vitamin injections including Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, B12, Lipo B12 or MIC, Glutathione, and a Triple Immunity Boost which includes Vitamin C, Zinc & Glutathione.

What benefits does the Vitamin C injection offer?

Our Vitamin C injection provides essential antioxidants which are necessary to maintain immune function, form collagen, and support the health of skin and internal organs.

How can a B12 injection support my health?

B12 injections can support bone health, promote red blood cell formation, boost energy levels, and improve mood.

What is a Lipo B12 or MIC injection and what does it do?

The Lipo B12 or MIC injection is designed to reduce fatigue, improve memory, speed up metabolism, and assist in removing toxins from the body.

What is included in the Triple Immunity Boost injection?

Our Triple Immunity Boost injection is a potent defense blend that includes Vitamin C, Zinc, and Glutathione to bolster the body’s immune system.

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